Polymer ceramics is a modern and universal com- posite material, which consists of a filling substance (ground or milled stone) and a binding substance – polyester resin. Calcium carbonate, aluminium hydroxide or quartz sand are used as filling substances most frequently.

In the manufacturing process, a chemical binding substance (20%) is added to the natural constituents (80%), and the liquid stone mass is poured into precise moulds, which are covered with a special gel in advance. The result is a high quality durable polymer ceramic product, which will serve its owner for years.

Polymer ceramic products are available in various colours and with various surface effects – from marble or granite imitation to transparent effect using transparent filler.

Polycer wash basins are characterised by functionality and modern design


In comparison with other widely-used materials used for similar purposes (e.g. acrylic or cast iron), polymer ceramics are characterised by various advantages:

  • stability;
  • impact resistance;
  • longer thermal resistance;
  • scratch resistance;
  • resistance to staining and rust;
  • resistance to the influence of chemical substances;
  • easy care;
  • wide range of colours;
  • long service life;
  • excellent quality and price ratio;
  • reparable and restorable surface;
  • Polycer products have a 5 year warranty;

Professional equipment and thorough post-processing ensures excellent quality.